Boresha Maisha Retirement Plan

Retirement is a golden time in your life. After years of hard work, retirement is finally time to relax and enjoy everything around you. This is your time, but as with everything you do during your active years, you need to make financial provision and plan for your future.

The Boresha Maisha Retirement Plan allows you to plan for retirement by providing flexibility to structure your plan according to your investment and risk requirements. Think of it as an investment that requires you to set aside a portion of your income; the contributions which enable you to purchase a pension when you really need it upon retirement. It is affordable, transparent and easy to understand. You may receive a pension from your employer, but it is always prudent to have additional funds available when you retire. If you are an entrepreneur, you have to make provision for your own retirement because you do not have the security of a company pension or provident fund. With Boresha Maisha retirements funds are accessible upon the attainment of 50 years.

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It is independent of your employer; should one change employers, the retirement plan remains untouched.

You can make additional payments when it suits you.

Boresha Maisha Retirement fund offers participating employers and members of the scheme the flexibility to choose between 3 investment portfolios all of which are designed to meet your needs.

These include:

  • Liberty Life ¬†Fixed Income Fund
  • Liberty Life Equity Fund
  • Liberty Life Balance Fund

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