Boresha Maisha umbrella retirement plan

As an employer, you play a pivotal role in the financial lives of your employees. Our aim is to assist you in protecting your employee’s financial future.

The umbrella retirement plan is designed for employers who want the right investment plan for their employees within a simple and cost-effective retirement fund solution. This allows your employees to live their lives safe in the knowledge that they are empowered to invest for retirement and that their families are financially protected. Individuals not attached to an employer are entitled to a similar retirement plan, with a flexible retirement age (set by the individual) and a choice of an investment portfolio from three different portfolios.

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Retirement benefits

Upon retirement (50 years), the member is entitled to the lump sum that includes the employer’s contribution, employee’s contribution, investment returns, ad hoc contributions and transfers-in.

Choice of investment portfolio

Access up to 25% of the fund once a year after the 5th year of the policy.

Boresha Maisha Retirement fund offers participating employers and members of the scheme the flexibility to choose between 3 investment portfolios all of which are designed to meet your needs.

  • Fixed Income fund
  • Equity fund
  • Balanced fund
Furthermore, each participating employer is allowed the choice of participating in a provident fund or pension scheme.

Death benefits

In the unfortunate event that a member passes away, the nominated beneficiaries/dependents will be paid the above lump sum. Where none of these exist, the money is paid to his/her estate.

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