Corporate Social Investment


Liberty is committed to supporting development in Africa. We believe our Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives should contribute to building a thriving economy and communities, something that is vital for our collective future. This will light the way to financial freedom for generations of Africans.

The main objective of Liberty Life’s corporate social investment (CSI) program is to improve the living conditions of our customers, employees and the communities in which we operate- thereby creating a sense of customer loyalty and employee satisfaction. We do this through a variety of developmental projects that benefit and uplift targeted communities.

Every year, Liberty Life Kenya has pledged to dedicate 2 percent of its profits to its CSI activities. We believe this percentage is a sustainable amount of which we can promise to deliver for years to come.


Education Pillar

Grants Scholarship School Program.


Over the last seven years we have offered full and partial scholarships to nearly 200 bright students from needy backgrounds who have gained admission to various national and county schools across Kenya. Our scholarship program includes activities that support academic and personal growth of the students through academic results tracking, school visits and mentorship activities. Qualification for sponsorship is based on performance in the KCPE examinations and is open to children belonging to our customers, staff members or agents who are not able to pay school fees.


We plan to set up a scholarship opportunity for top high school performers from needy backgrounds to undertake Actuarial Science for their higher education. This is a strategic decision to promote the number of actuaries pursuing degrees in the country and to ultimately grow this skill for the long term growth of our industry. The efforts are further aligned to our purpose of changing the realities of communities and the reality in which we live in.


School Visits

In line with our objective to maintain a close relationship with the recipients of our scholarships and their respective schools, we ensure hand delivery of all the school fees cheques, and engage with the schools’ principals. This approach provides a platform for mentorship and helps motivate the students towards achieving excellence in their academics.


Kajiado Township, 18th July 2018 Nelson Mandela Day

Liberty & Heritage adopted Kajiado Township Primary School in 2015 with the aim of improving the learning conditions for students. Since the adoption, this CSI program has provided clean drinking water by sinking a borehole; built and stocked the school’s library and piloted a school feeding program. This year we launched the year-long feeding programme which was officiated by the Kajiado County Deputy County Governor on Nelson Mandela International Day. Through the sponsorship, the sales team was able to create good rapport with KNUT-Kitui Branch and Kitui County Government Officials where we later organised on-ground activations.


Starehe Boys Founders’ Day & Dinner

Liberty Life and Heritage Insurance sponsored the Starehe Boys’ Founders’ day held on 21st July 2018 and the Founders’ Day Dinner held on 29th July 2018. This event was a commemoration by the Starehe Boys’ Centre fraternity on the year the school was founded.


Starehe Girls Charity Walk, 9th June 2018

Liberty was among the sponsors of this year’s Starehe Girls' Centre Annual Walk which is aimed at raising funds for the education for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds. This was Starehe Girls’ Centre 13th Academic Year and a major milestone given the excellent support it has continued to receive in ensuring a Centre of Excellence in education for brilliant but very disadvantaged girls. The institution continues to offer free secondary education to girls from all Counties of Kenya who are bright but lack finances, and currently has an enrolment of 560 students versus 520 students in 2017.


Health Pillar

AKI Medical Camp, 9th July 2018

Liberty & Heritage Insurance partnered with the Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) in organising the 2018 annual AKI Medical Camp which was be held in Matuu, Machakos County. The medical camps are aimed at raising awareness on common diseases, ailments and nutrition as well as offering diagnostic, treatment and referral services to the communities.


Environment Pillar

Rhino Charge, 2nd June 2018

One of the main environmental challenges of organising an event with thousands of participants and spectators in the most remote wilderness of Kenya is the management of waste.

Liberty Life are proud to have been among the sponsors of the 30th annual Rhino Charge, where we provided more than 2,000 re-usable water bottles to minimize usage of single-use plastic water bottles. The reusable bottles donated by Liberty Life and Heritage Insurance went a long way in reducing plastic waste from the event, demonstrating our commitment to conducting our business with respect for and protection of the environment.