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Educator plan

The Educator plan from Liberty will ensure that your child’s future is secure - no matter what. The Educator plan is designed as a savings and protection plan to provide for the future education needs of your child. With an Educator plan you can be assured that you will have the money to meet any critical needs in your child’s education. What’s more, you get additional benefits like extra life cover, accidental benefits and premium waivers. As it is never too early to start planning, the plan can be set up to provide cover from as early as when the child is 3 months old. The plan runs from 10 to 20 years.

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Scheduled payments to the parent

The Educator plan offers returns in the form of 4 payments before maturity at the rate of 14%, 14%, 14%, 14% & a final payment of 50% of the sum assured after completion of the full period.

Additional protection riders

You can chose, with extra premiums, any of the following additional benefits that provide additional protection:
  • Child protection agreement (CPA)- waives future premiums upon the death of the premium payer.
  • Education protection rider- monthly payments of 1% of the sum assured and waives future premium payments upon the death of the premium payer.
  • Disability protection rider (DPR)- monthly payments of 1% of the sum assured and waives future premium payments upon total disability of the premium payer.

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